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How to help

You can help.  If you want to volunteer your time and be a reader, story teller, a writer, a  teacher or on air personality we welcome you to contact us.  Do you have intellectual property that we can re-broadcast or publish?  We can put new life into these assets and share this information with our community.  Knowledge is power!


Reading, writing and math are very importand basic building blocks that everyone needs  in this competitive world.  We want to assist those who have not been mentored properly.  We want to help improve our community's reading skills, writing skills and speaking skills.  Knowledge is power. 


All ages will benefit
Our goal is to help everyone. Residents in our community from all walks of life, those with diverse backgrounds and from all age groups will benefit.

Latest project

We plan on giving our listeners content that will educate, inform and amaze.  Most of our programs will originate from our local studios, however we will provide content that will be extraordinary.


Historical recordings that reflect on memorable individuals will be an ongoing work in progress. For example:

Jimmy Grippo, legendary Las Vegas Magician.

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